UFC Seoul Fight Card Update!

Alright, Korean MMA Fans! The fight card for UFC Fight Night in Seoul has been updated. Click here to go to the event page on the UFC website. So we know the first 5 bouts that were announced a little while back includes:

Benson Henderson vs Thiago Alves

Mirko Cro Cop vs Anthony Hamilton

Dong Hyun Kim vs Jorge Masvidal

Yoshihiro Akiyama (Sung Hoon Choo) vs Alberto Mina

Doo Ho Choi vs Sam Sicilia

Now six more fights have been added to this card and four of them include our Korean fighters! The new bouts added are:

Hyun Gyu Lim vs Dominique Steele

Yui Chul Nam vs Mike De La Torre

Tae Hyun Bang vs Leo Kuntz

Dongi Yang vs Jake Collier

Yao Zhikui vs Fredy Serrano

Ning Guangyou vs Marco Beltran

The UFC Fight Night in Seoul, South Korea is starting to look stacked! Korean MMA Fans, you better mark your calendars, you don’t wanna miss this event! November 28th is going to be a spectacular night that’s going to be written in the history pages of mixed martial arts. Which fight are you most looking forward to??

우리 대한민국 선수들을 위해 화이팅입니다!!! 김동현, 추성훈, 벤슨 헨더슨, 최두호, 임현규, 남의철, 방태현, 양동이 선수님들 승리하길!!!

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Mr Perfect Highlight Video | Kyung Ho Kang (강경호)

Check out this cool highlight video of ‘Mr. Perfect’ Kyung Ho Kang (강경호). This video was shared with me by a fellow Korean MMA Fan and it is worth the watch. Kyung Ho Kang is currently away doing his mandatory military service in South Korea, but this former ROAD FC bantamweight champ has a lot more to prove when he returns! Kang is now fighting in the UFC’s bantamweight division and is on a 2-fight winning streak inside the Octagon. His presence is definitely missed, especially with the upcoming UFC Fight Night in Seoul.

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Stun Gun Is Ready For Battle! UFC Seoul

It looks like Dong Hyun Kim aka the Stun Gun is preparing for battle for his upcoming fight at UFC Fight Night Seoul. The fight isn’t until November 28th, but he’s already looking lean and mean! Jorge Masvidal better get ready, it’s gonna be war…김동현 화이팅!


Korean MMA Fans, how do you see the Dong Hyun Kim vs Jorge Masvidal fight playing out? Will we see the ‘Stun Gun’ or the ‘Cicada’? 스턴건? 매미?

For the ‘Stun Gun’ check out Highlight: Kim Stuns Silva With KO Punch!

For the ‘Cicada’ (매미) check out Dong Hyun Kim Submits Josh Burkman.

Doo Ho Choi ‘The Korean Superboy’ Short Highlight Video

‘The Korean Superboy’ Doo Ho Choi (최두호), crashed into the UFC scene last year with an impressive 18-second knockout finish against Juan Puig. Watch this short highlight video of this young Korean fighter. His crisp striking and finishing instincts are beautiful to watch. I think this 24 year old has lots of potential to shake up the UFC’s featherweight division in the very near future.

Can’t wait for Doo Ho Choi to step back inside the Octagon in Seoul, South Korea against Sam Sicilia. Korean MMA Fans, are you ready for the Korean Superboy to win again in knockout fashion? I hope to see this fighter move up the rankings quickly.

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Benson Henderson vs Brandon Thatch Highlight Video

Remember when former lightweight champion, Benson Henderson, moved up to the welterweight division to fight Brandon Thatch? Clearly out-sized, this fight was a David and Goliath spectacle. However, that didn’t mean much to the ‘Smooth’ Benson Henderson. Putting on a ferocious pace, Henderson out-worked and finished his bigger foe with a rear-naked choke submission in the 4th round. He proved all doubters wrong by showing he can hang with the bigger welterweights of the UFC.

In November, Benson Henderson will return to the welterweight division against the always tough, Thiago Alves. However, this time, the ‘Smooth’ will be headlining the event in Seoul, South Korea. I’ll surely be rooting for this half-korean warrior (전사) come November 28th. Korean MMA Fans, are you excited to see the ‘Smooth’ go to battle in Korea??

Dong Hyun Kim on Michael Bisping’s Top 5 Most Underrated UFC Fighters

Watch this video of UFC Now episode 205: Top 5 Underrated Fighters in the UFC. Top middleweight veteran, Michael Bisping, puts the ‘Stun Gun’ Dong Hyun Kim at number 4 for his list of most underrated UFC fighters. Thank you to the ‘Count’ for pointing this out! Dong Hyun Kim has been stacking up wins for a long time in the UFC, but doesn’t seem to get as much recognition as he deserves.

The ‘Stun Gun’ has been representing Korean MMA in the Octagon since 2008 and he has been shutting down opponents in the welterweight division. He has wins over Matt Brown, Nate Diaz, Erick Silva, Josh Burkman, and the list goes on. Kim is also currently the number 7 ranked welterweight in the UFC.

Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t deny that Dong Hyun Kim knows how to win. The ‘Stun Gun’ will be returning to the eight-sided cage this November at UFC Fight Night in Seoul, South Korea. Be sure to check out his last win in my post Dong Hyun Kim Submits Josh Burkman!

Ultimate Korean Fighters Video Part 3

Korean MMA Fans, be sure to watch Part 3 of the Ultimate Korean Fighters series! In this episode, top Korean fighters discuss and educate about the art of weight cutting. The video also takes us into the ‘Stun Gun’ Dong Hyun Kim’s debut UFC fight against Jason Tan, which was the fight that put South Korea on the map of mixed martial arts. It also interviews the fighters and coaches for their perspectives on the Korean fighters that soon followed such as the ‘Ox’ Dongi Yang and the famous ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung.

If you haven’t seen the previous episodes, you can watch them by clicking the following: Part 1 and Part 2.

Korean Zombie vs Hominick Post Fight Interview

Back on December 10, 2011, the ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung, made his second Octagon appearance against UFC featherweight contender, Mark Hominick. After winning his UFC debut in style with a twister submission, the Korean Zombie wowed the crowd again with a 7-second knockout victory over Hominick. This is the post fight interview video.

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Awesome Highlight Video: Korean UFC Fighters

Korean MMA Fans, check out this awesome highlight video! A great collection of some of the best moments of Korean UFC fighters in the Octagon. These warriors are definitely carving their place into the history of mixed martial arts. In this video, you get to see some of our favorite Korean fighters: Dong Hyun Kim, Tae Hyun Bang, Chan Sung Jung, Hyun Gyu Lim, Kyung Ho Kang, Yui Chul Nam, and Doo Ho Choi.

These Korean brothers must have fighting genes in their DNA. Whenever they step inside that Octagon, win or lose, you know they are going to leave their sweat and blood inside that cage. It will be an honor to watch these men compete and fight for Korea on their home turf in November at UFC Fight Night Seoul. Do you feel another Korean MMA highlight reel in the making??


Korean Zombie Highlight Video

Korean MMA Fans, watch this awesome highlight video of the Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung (정찬성). Most of this video focuses on moments from his fight against UFC featherweight Dustin Poirier during their main event clash from UFC on Fuel TV 3 back in 2012. Watching the Korean Zombie in action never gets old.

His nonstop offensive fighting style has earned the Korean Zombie many fans. I’m sure everyone remembers his first fight with Leonard Garcia, but I think it was this fight with Poirier that Jung proved his well-rounded skills are world class. From mean combinations on the feet to endless submission attempts on the ground, the Korean Zombie is always looking for the finish and knows how to put on a show!

Although Chan Sung Jung is currently away doing his mandatory military service in South Korea, I bet he is itching to get back in the Octagon, especially since the UFC will be in Seoul later this November. Can’t wait for the Korean Zombie to come back and shake up the featherweight division once more!

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