UFC Seoul: Korea Welcomes ‘Shogun’ Rua! | 웰컴 쇼군 루아!

Korean MMA Fans, check out the warm welcome ‘Shogun’ receives in Korea! Of course, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua is an MMA legend who built his name in Pride FC in Japan and is now fighting in the UFC. Great to have him visit to support the upcoming UFC Fight Night in Seoul, South Korea! He came a long way, maybe he can try some Korean Barbecue and compare it with Brazilian Barbecue!

UFC Seoul: Sexyama Promo Video | 추성훈 UFC 서울 도전

Korean MMA Fans, take a moment to watch this UFC Seoul promo video for the Sexyama! The UFC welterweight fighter, Yoshihiro Akiyama or Sung Hoon Choo (추성훈), will be bringing his judo muscle into the Octagon come November 28. Coming off an impressive victory over Amir Sadollah in his last fight, Sexyama will be looking to get his hands raised in front the Korean crowd.

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New Korean Zombie Highlight Video | 코리안 좀비 하이라이트 영상

Korean MMA Fans, check out this new Korean Zombie highlight video! His presence is definitely missed, especially with the upcoming UFC Fight Night in Seoul. But let’s not forget what Chan Sung Jung (정찬성) has done in the sport of mixed martial arts. From slugfests with Leonard Garcia to twister submissions and 7-second knockouts, the Korean Zombie has done it all! Can’t wait for him to return to the Octagon after finishing his military stint.

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UFC Debut: Dong Hyun Kim Finishes Jason Tan

Dong-hyun Kim vs Jason Tan – UFC 84 – May 24, 2008 – Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. #MMA #UFC #DongHyunKim

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This one is a look back to 2008 when the ‘Stun Gun’ Dong Hyun Kim (김동현) became the first fighter out of South Korea to compete in the UFC’s Octagon. His chance came against fellow welterweight fighter, Jason Tan. At the time, Kim was undefeated with a perfect 9 – 0 record. It was a historic moment for Korean mixed martial arts as the ‘Stun Gun’ went on to collect the first of many Octagon wins. He showed off his superior judo and finished the fight with brutal ground and pound elbows in the third round to earn a TKO victory. This fight made me a Korean MMA Fan. For more about my take on this fight, check out my very first post Becoming A Korean MMA Fan!

New TOP FC Middleweight Champion Jae Young Kim

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The new TOP FC Middleweight Champion, Jae Young Kim (김재영), looks good with gold. He is definitely a tough fighter that has earned the championship title. Congratulations to him on his career defining victory over Matt Horwich at TOP FC 9! With serious knockout power in his hands, Kim has the ability to end his opponents’ nights in quick fashion. And to top it all off, his post fight interviews are always so humble and motivational. Korean MMA Fans, if you missed the fight, be sure to check it out here at TOP FC 9 Middleweight Championship Jae Young Kim vs Matt Horwich Fight Video!

Funny Video: Doo Ho Choi vs Juan Manuel Puig (Street Fighter Style)

Korean MMA Fans, just wanted to share with you this funny video of Doo Ho Choi’s UFC debut fight. If the ‘Korean Superboy’ was a Street Fighter character, I guess he’d do well with his quick punches and knockout power. Can’t wait to see this guy fight again, especially at UFC Seoul. I can already envision another first round knockout victory as the Olympic Gymnastics Arena erupts with thousands of Korean fans jumping to their feet to join Doo Ho Choi celebrate his second Octagon win!

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UFC Seoul Promo Video: Sung Hoon Choo (Yoshihiro Akiyama) vs Alberto Mina

Korean MMA Fans, let’s get ready for UFC Fight Night in Seoul! Check out this promo video for the welterweight clash between Sung Hoon Choo (추성훈) or Yoshihiro Akiyama and Alberto Mina. Can’t wait for the ‘Sexyama’ to fight in the Octagon once again! Only this time, he’ll have all his Korean fans cheering him on. His last outing was over a year ago when he defeated Amir Sadollah by unanimous decision in Japan. I’m sure he’s looking to stay in the win column by handing Mina his first loss. Are you ready to for Sexyama to hit his signature judo takedowns at UFC Seoul?!

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Hyun Gyu Lim’s 5th Round Battlecry and Rally vs Tarec Saffiedine


This is one of the many reasons to like the ‘Ace’ Hyun Gyu Lim (임현규). He is simply a badass. Every time he steps inside the cage, he fights like a man possessed. From beginning to end, he will stalk his prey and hunt for a knockout victory. The 5th and final round of his fight with Tarec Saffiedine is proof of Lim’s warrior mentality. Even while down on the scorecards, and even with a badly damaged leg, he stares down his opponent and lets out a battlecry that echoes through the stadium letting everyone know his intention to win. To cap things off even more, Lim goes on a rally with vicious combinations that rattles Saffiedine badly and comes within seconds to finishing his opponent! Korean MMA Fans, what more could you ask of him?? It truly is an honor to watch this man fight. Can’t wait to see what he will bring to UFC Seoul…

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Hyun Gyu Lim, Tae Hyun Bang, Dongi Yang UFC Victory Pose


With the upcoming UFC Fight Night 79 being held in Seoul, South Korea, will this trio raise their fists in victory once again? The trio I’m talking about is Hyun Gyu Lim (임현규), Tae Hyun Bang (방태현), and Dongi Yang (양동이) as pictured above. It would be a sight to behold to see all three fighters win in front of the Korean crowd on November 28. Korean MMA Fans, are you getting ready to cheer them on??

TOP FC 9 Middleweight Championship Jae Young Kim vs Matt Horwich Fight Video

Korean MMA Fans, be sure to check out the TOP FC 9 main event fight for the middleweight championship title! It’s a fight between Korea’s Jae Young Kim (김재영) and former UFC fighter, Matt Horwich. Big congratulations to the new champion, Jae Young Kim! It took Kim just 31 seconds into the first round to earn a vicious knockout win over his opponent. He landed a perfectly timed left hook counter to the chin and quickly followed up with a barrage of hammerfists until the referee had to step in. He is now on a 7-fight win streak and looks to continue the trend. Who will be next to challenge the champion?