Kim, Choi dominate in main card at UFC’s first event in Korea | UFC ® – News

Source: Kim, Choi dominate in main card at UFC’s first event in Korea | UFC ® – News

Korean MMA Fans, check out this article to catch the details of the fight results from UFC Seoul! Truly impressive performances from Doo Ho Choi and Dong Hyun Kim. Both won their fights via first round TKO’s. Hats off to Sung Hoon Choo who fought his heart out despite the split decision loss. And of course, last but not least, congrats to Benson Henderson on winning in the headlining showdown for Korea!

Bang survives war with Kuntz in decision-filled prelims | UFC ® – News

Source: Bang survives war with Kuntz in decision-filled prelims | UFC ® – News

Korean MMA Fans, did you enjoy UFC Fight Night in Seoul?? In case you missed it, check out the prelim results here in this article. Great job to all the Korean fighters on this card. Congratulations to the winners: Seo Hee Ham (함서희), Tae Hyun Bang (방태현), and Dongi Yang (양동이). Special shout out to Seo Hee Ham for earning the Fight of the Night bonus in her back-and-forth battle with Cortney Casey!

UFC Seoul Weigh In: Benson Henderson vs Jorge Masvidal

Korean MMA Fans, the main event is a go! Benson Henderson (벤슨 헨더슨) and Jorge Masvidal both officially weigh in for their welterweight fight. The former champion, the ‘Smooth’ is headlining this historic UFC event in South Korea and it looks like he is ready for the task. As always, Henderson is ready to bring his ‘A’ game whenever, wherever.

UFC Seoul Weigh In: Dong Hyun Kim vs Dominic Waters

Korean MMA Fans, the co-main event is official! The ‘Stun Gun’ Dong Hyun Kim (김동현) and his new opponent Dominic Waters both hit their marks and are ready to fight! Let’s cheer on the Stun Gun to make sure he gets the win with a dominant performance! 김동현선수 화이팅! 대한민국!

UFC Seoul Weigh In: Sung Hoon Choo (Yoshihiro Akiyama) vs Alberto Mina

Korean MMA Fans, you know what time it is?! It’s Sexyama time! Check out the weigh in video featuring Sung Hoon Choo (추성훈) or Yoshihiro Akiyama! He gets the crowd pumped with his shredded back muscles and his physique does not disappoint! Tipping the scales at 170 pounds, this welterweight bout should be an interesting battle. Both fighters have judo backgrounds and we will have to see who can fight the better fight at UFC Seoul. 추성훈 화이팅!

UFC Seoul Weigh In: Doo Ho Choi vs Sam Sicilia

Korean MMA Fans, check out Doo Ho Choi (최두호) face off against Sam Sicilia after the weigh ins! The ‘Korean Superboy’ is looking lean and ready for his second test inside the Octagon. Remember, this is the guy that won his UFC debut in just 18 seconds! Let’s wait and see what he has in store for us this time! Go Doo Ho Choi!

UFC Seoul Weigh In: Dongi Yang vs Jake Collier

Korean MMA Fans, it’s about time this man returned to the Octagon! It’s now official. The ‘Ox’ Dongi Yang is back in the UFC and he is ready to test the waters of the middleweight division once more! He will be meeting Jake Collier on Saturday at UFC Seoul. 양동이선수 화이팅!

UFC Seoul Weigh In: Yui Chul Nam vs Mike de la Torre and Staredown!

Korean MMA Fans, you have to watch this weigh in and staredown between Korea’s Yui Chul Nam (남의철) and opponent Mike de la Torre! The ‘Korean Bulldozer’ always brings the heat! His in your face staredowns are just a preview for what’s to come when he steps inside the Octagon. Can’t wait for this featherweight clash at UFC Seoul! Will Nam oppose his will with his aggression?? We’ll have to see and find out!

UFC Seoul Weigh In: Tae Hyun Bang vs Leo Kuntz

Korean MMA Fans, check out the ‘Supernatural’ Tae Hyun Bang (방태현) as he weighs in for his lightweight bout against Leo Kuntz this Saturday! There will be lots of fists flying in this fight. It looks like the ‘Korean Cowboy’ is calm and collected for UFC Seoul! 방태현 파이팅!

UFC Seoul Weigh In: Seo Hee Ham vs Cortney Casey

Korean MMA Fans, get ready for a showdown between strawweights, Seo Hee Ham (함서희) and Cortney Casey! They are both officially weighed in and ready to scrap! Be sure to watch Seo Hee ‘Hamderlei’ Ham put on a show this weekend at UFC Seoul. 함서희선수 파이팅!