Awesome Highlight Video: Korean UFC Fighters

Korean MMA Fans, check out this awesome highlight video! A great collection of some of the best moments of Korean UFC fighters in the Octagon. These warriors are definitely carving their place into the history of mixed martial arts. In this video, you get to see some of our favorite Korean fighters: Dong Hyun Kim, Tae Hyun Bang, Chan Sung Jung, Hyun Gyu Lim, Kyung Ho Kang, Yui Chul Nam, and Doo Ho Choi.

These Korean brothers must have fighting genes in their DNA. Whenever they step inside that Octagon, win or lose, you know they are going to leave their sweat and blood inside that cage. It will be an honor to watch these men compete and fight for Korea on their home turf in November at UFC Fight Night Seoul. Do you feel another Korean MMA highlight reel in the making??


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