Benson Henderson UFC Highlight Video | 벤슨 헨더슨 UFC 하이라이트 영상

Korean MMA Fans, be sure to watch this awesome new highlight video of the ‘Smooth’ Benson Henderson (벤슨 헨더슨)! This man is the modern day ‘Warrior of God’ and his UFC moments are just a glimpse of what he has done in the sport of mixed martial arts. From powerful double-leg takedowns to thunderous leg kicks, this former UFC lightweight champion is testing the 170-pound welterweight division with success. After his David-and-Goliath performance in his last win against Brandon Thatch, the half-Korean warrior (전사) is preparing to take on veteran, Thiago Alves in the main event at UFC Fight Night in Seoul, South Korea! With an always ready-to-fight attitude, fans can be sure to witness elite level mixed martial arts whenever Ben Henderson steps inside the cage!

Check out what the ‘Smooth’ looks like at 170 pounds in the Benson Henderson vs Brandon Thatch Highlight Video!

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