Benson Henderson vs Brandon Thatch Highlight Video

Remember when former lightweight champion, Benson Henderson, moved up to the welterweight division to fight Brandon Thatch? Clearly out-sized, this fight was a David and Goliath spectacle. However, that didn’t mean much to the ‘Smooth’ Benson Henderson. Putting on a ferocious pace, Henderson out-worked and finished his bigger foe with a rear-naked choke submission in the 4th round. He proved all doubters wrong by showing he can hang with the bigger welterweights of the UFC.

In November, Benson Henderson will return to the welterweight division against the always tough, Thiago Alves. However, this time, the ‘Smooth’ will be headlining the event in Seoul, South Korea. I’ll surely be rooting for this half-korean warrior (전사) come November 28th. Korean MMA Fans, are you excited to see the ‘Smooth’ go to battle in Korea??

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