Check Out The ROAD FC 026 Results Here! | ROAD FC 026 결과

Korean MMA Fans, the ROAD FC 026 fight results are in! Check them out here below! There was a total of 7 main card fights, starting with: Seung Yeon Kim (김승연) vs Doo Jae Jung (정두제), Yi Moon Han (한이문) vs Yuan Ye, Shinji Sasaki vs Jong Chan Choi (최종찬), Young Ki Hong (홍영기) vs He Nan Nan, Hyun Man Myung (명현만) vs Jairo Kusunoki, Mighty Mo vs Mu Bae Choi (최무배), and the main event Min Jong Song (송민종) vs Nam Jin Jo (조남진) for the Flyweight Title Unification.

In summary:

Seung Yeon Kim (김승연) defeats Doo Jae Jung (정두제) by TKO in Round 1

Yi Moon Han (한이문) and Yuan Ye fights to a draw

Shinji Sasaki defeats Jong Chan Choi (최종찬) by Submission in Round 3

Young Ki Hong (홍영기) defeats He Nan Nan by Unanimous Decision

Hyun Man Myung (명현만) defeats Jairo Kusunoki by TKO in Round 1

Mighty Mo defeats Mu Bae Choi (최무배) by KO in Round 1

Min Jong Song (송민종) defeats Nam Jin Jo (조남진) by Unanimous Decision for the Undisputed Flyweight Championship!

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