Dong Hyun Kim: Spinning Elbow Victory

What is the best counter to an elbow? A spinning back elbow!

Korean fighter, Dong Hyun Kim (김동현), fought in the main event of UFC – The Ultimate Fighter China Finale against John Hathaway in Macau, China. Both fighters put on an exciting fight for the fans, but it was this unexpected finish that became the highlight of the night and earned the Stun Gun UFC’s Knockout of the Year honors for 2014.

Watch the video of DHK’s spinning back elbow knockout:

Isn’t this the most badass way to end a fight??

As a fan, I am grateful and proud to have Dong Hyun Kim represent Korean mixed martial arts. I think this man has solidified his status as a Korean MMA legend.

Watch it again in the gif below:

Dong Hyun Kim vs John Hathaway

Are you excited to see the Stun Gun in Korea?!

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