Dongi Yang’s Journey Back To UFC: TOP FC 1 vs Jae Young Kim

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Since his release from his first trial in the UFC, Dongi Yang (양동이), has returned to mixed martial arts fighting in rejuvenated form. It surely seems that the ‘Ox’ has been doing his homework in the gym. Let’s take a look at his main event fight with fellow Korean middleweight Jae Young Kim at TOP FC 1 which took place in Seoul, South Korea on June 29, 2013.

Watch the Dongi Yang vs Jae Young Kim fight below:

Now that was a great fight! Big respect to both men for putting on a show!

Dongi Yang’s standup striking seems to have improved greatly. He looked a lot more fluid and relaxed. And it seems that the ‘Ox’ has added some vicious inside leg kicks to his arsenal. Way to finish the fight with a second round TKO! He landed some hard body kicks to put away the tough Jae Young Kim. I am pumped to see Yang make his return to the Octagon, especially if it’s going to be in Seoul, South Korea! I mean did you hear the crowd chant his name in that video??

Also, HUGE respect to Jae Young Kim. His sportsmanship after the fight was awesome to watch. He talks about how he will get stronger from this loss, and will become the best one day as he makes a promise to the fans and his son. Such a beautiful moment. And Jae Young Kim is a man of his word. He is now on a 6-fight winning streak since this event. Maybe there’s a possibility he’ll join the UFC rankings as well…


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