Interview Video with ‘Maestro’ Dong Hyun Kim Post UFC Seoul | 마에스트로 김동현 인터뷰 영상

Korean MMA Fans, check out this interview video with the ‘Maestro’ Dong Hyun Kim (김동현)! This interview takes place about a month after the UFC Seoul event in South Korea. As a late replacement for the injured Hyun Gyu Lim (임현규), Kim had an opportunity to step up to the welterweight division and suffered a brutal loss in his Octagon debut. Watch the video to see what he has to say about his fight and what he plans to do next.

Rough translation is provided below:

Combat Post: Please briefly introduce yourself to the MMA fans.

Dong Hyun Kim: Hello, I am Dong Hyun Kim.

CP: We heard you sustained injuries, can you tell us details and how you are doing now?

DHK: I broke my nose in my last fight. It required surgery, which I am still recovering from. I had a follow up appointment today, and am happy that my sense of smell is coming back.

CP: Due to Hyun Gyu Lim’s injury, you were called by the UFC as a replacement in a heavier weight class and with short notice. What were your thoughts when you signed the UFC contract?

DHK: Of course I was happy to sign with the UFC. Although I fought in a heavier weight class, I didn’t think of losing, but the result is what it is, and now I plan to fight harder and win my next fight.

CP: Let’s talk about the fight with Dominique Steele. In the early part of the fight, you came out in a southpaw stance. Before your UFC fight, including your TOP FC championship title match, you always fought orthodox. What was your strategy?

DHK: My strategy was to mix things up a lot in the standup fight. Although I haven’t switched my stance in my previous fights, it is something I have worked on and practiced a lot. In my future UFC fights, you can expect to see me fight freely switching stances.

CP: The fight ended in the 3rd round with a slam and a clear headbutt. Do you have any comments?

DHK: The fight is over. It happened a month ago, and I don’t agree with protesting the result due to a headbutt. I plan on doing better in my future fights.

CP: We heard you have 3 fights in the lightweight division left on your UFC contract. Can you tell us what your future plans are?

DHK: Since I lost my UFC debut fight, in order to not get cut, I know I need to win. That’s why my next fight will be at my weight in the lightweight division, and instead of fighting on one week’s notice, I will have a full training camp and I will show the fans my true skills.

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