James ‘Moonwalker’ Moontasri: From Tae Kwon Do to UFC Fighter

Korean MMA Fans, be sure to watch this video where you get to listen to how James Moontasri (제임스 문타스리) made the transition from Tae Kwon Do to a world class UFC fighter in the sport of mixed martial arts. If you’ve ever seen his fights, you know he stays true to the Tae Kwon Do roots with his quick and effective kicks. It’s really cool to hear him say how he has a black belt, but still has a white belt mentality for learning the different areas of MMA. I think his approach to martial arts and his commitment to learning has gotten him this far, and I have a feeling he has a bright future ahead. Can’t wait for the ‘Moonwalker’ to pick up a win in Australia at UFC 193 this weekend!

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