‘Korean Superboy’ Doo Ho Choi Highlight Video

Doesn’t this Doo Ho Choi (최두호) highlights video get you fired up?? The ‘Korean Superboy’ is definitely someone to look out for. He knows how to control the range standing, and his fight finishing instincts are a spectacle to watch. After his 18-second TKO victory in his UFC debut, Choi is expected to step inside the Octagon again in front of his hometown crowd on November 28, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

I think this Korean fighter is ready to shake up the UFC’s featherweight division. With his calm and relaxed confidence in the cage, Choi is currently riding a 10-fight winning streak and shows no sign of slowing down. Korean MMA Fans, do you think Doo Ho Choi will amaze us with another first round knockout in Seoul??

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