Korean Zombie Attack On Dustin Poirier

Chan Sung Jung (정찬성) is a special fighter. MMA fans around the world call him the Korean Zombie, and with good reason. Like a zombie, he shows no fear and stalks forward at his opponents with non-stop offense. Some of the best Korean Zombie moments were on full display in his fight against Dustin Poirier.

Check out the gifs below to see what I mean:

korean zombie chan sung jung takes down poirier
Smooth takedown straight into side control.

korean zombie submissions
Korean Zombie’s string of submission attempts.
korean zombie attack
Korean Zombie Attack!
korean zombie chan sung jung takedown
Another takedown by Chan Sung Jung followed up with ground and pound.
korean zombie wins by submission
Korean Zombie wins with a D’arce choke finish!

I remember watching these moments with amazement. Not only did he earn Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night honors, but this fight solidified Chan Sung Jung’s position as a top UFC featherweight. I can’t wait for his return! What do you think of the Korean Zombie??


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