Korean Zombie Showing Support For Korean Fighters For UFC In Macau | 코리안 좀비가 응원하다

This is a video of Chan Sung Jung (정찬성), aka the Korean Zombie, showing support for the Korean fighters that fought at UFC in Macau back on March 1, 2014. Perhaps, it was the zombie spirit that possessed Dong Hyun Kim (김동현) and Yui Chul Nam (남의철) that night for their awesome performances. Nam, ‘The Korean Bulldozer’ put on a show with opponent Kazuki Tokudome, while the ‘Stun Gun’ Dong Hyun Kim, knocked out John Hathaway with an amazing back-spinning elbow! Nam earned fight of the night honors, while Kim earned a performance of the night bonus.

I think we need another shout out from the Korean Zombie, for the upcoming UFC event in Seoul for all the Korean fighters on that card! Korean MMA Fans, what do you think?!

For a look back to that night, check out Korean Bulldozer Yui Chul Nam Brings The Fight To Kazuki Tokudome and Dong Hyun Kim’s Spinning Elbow Victory!

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