Kwan Ho Kwak Shows Heart in UFC Debut Loss

The former PXC and TOP FC bantamweight champion, Kwan Ho Kwak, made his long awaited UFC debut in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He put his undefeated record on the line against the undefeated Brett Johns. After a tough bout, Kwak marked his first career loss by unanimous decision.

The Fight: From the first round to the last round, it was the wrestling pressure from Johns that wore down ‘The Handsome’ Kwak. The key move of the fight was the good ole double leg takedown. Johns scored 11 takedowns over the course of 15 minutes, and the strategy prevailed. For the majority of the fight, the wrestling of Johns nullified Kwak’s offense. However, even through the one-sided battle, Kwak stood his ground as he showed a great chin and excited the crowd with a flurry of combinations at the end of the fight. Although a little too late, Kwak’s resilience and no-quit attitude deserves the attention of MMA fans.

kwan ho kwak handsome ufc
Kwan Ho Kwak’s combination backpeddles Brett Johns in the final seconds of the 3rd round.

The Future: Kwan Ho Kwak has proved in his past fights how dangerous he can be in the standup. He brings explosive fight-ending power in a variety of techniques from flying knees to spinning kicks. For MMA fans, this fight only showed glimpses of his striking abilities. It looks like Kwak will have to put in his time on the wrestling mats in order to prove that he belongs in the Octagon. With improved wrestling defense, Kwak should be able to come back in his next bout and shake up the UFC’s bantamweight division.

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