Lookback At UFC 163: Aldo vs Korean Zombie

Back in August of 2013, a historic moment took place for Korean mixed martial arts. The moment I’m talking about is UFC 163’s main event, Jose Aldo vs Chan Sung Jung. This was the first time a South Korean fighter challenged for a UFC championship title. The title challenger came in the form of a zombie, the Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung (정찬성).

I remember watching this fight with so much anticipation and excitement. It felt surreal watching the scrappy Korean fighter go toe to toe against the reigning champion that was and is Jose Aldo. I was so absorbed into this fight, I watched it standing and moving to every spur of action inside the cage. It was the end of the third round and going into the fourth round, where I felt a sudden rush of hope as the champion seemed to visibly slow down and the challenger began to move forward with combinations. But everything came to a tragic halt when suddenly the Korean Zombie suffered a dislocated shoulder, and Aldo capitalized on it.

It was a sad and heart-wrenching end to the fight, especially having to watch Chan Sung Jung’s title dreams be stopped by an ill-timed injury. However, even in losing the fight, the Korean Zombie gained even more of my respect as a fan. Even after his shoulder popped out, the Korean Zombie tried to pop it back in during the fight! How badass is that?! Jung definitely leveled up on the zombie status after that. Win or lose, Chan Sung Jung is a reason why I’m a Korean MMA Fan. Title shots, twister submissions, 7-second knockouts, fight of the year honors, the Korean Zombie has done it all.

To get an inside look into the build up until this fight, watch the UFC 163 Countdown video below:

Also, check out Korean Zombie’s Flying Knee Takedown that Chan Sung Jung landed at the end of the third round, you’ll be amazed!

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