ROAD FC 027 China: Hong Man Choi vs Luoquanchao Fight Video | 로드FC 027 최홍만 vs 로우췐차오 영상

Korean MMA Fans, watch the openweight tournament fight between Korea’s Hong Man Choi (최홍만) and China’s Luoquanchao at ROAD FC 027 in China. The Korean giant, wards off the early aggression by clinching with his opponent against the cage. With some close range punches and knees, Choi bloodies Luoquanchao. After a period of inaction, the referee steps in to restart the fighters, but it appears Luoquanchao verbally submits as the fight ends in anti-climactic fashion. Hong Man Choi even expresses frustration right after the fight is waved off. Although the fight did not pan out as expected, Choi will be moving on in the openweight tournament.

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