ROAD FC 027 China: Jae Hun Kim vs Aorigele Fight Video | Referee Herb Dean Wrestles Aorigele to Stop the Fight

The openweight tournament match between Korea’s Jae Hun Kim (김재훈) and China’s Aorigele ended in controversy as referee Herb Dean was forced to physically wrestle the Chinese heavyweight in order to stop the fight. Aorigele rocked Kim early in the first round and was able to follow up with ground and pound to finish his opponent. However, it was his continued aggression even after the referee stepped in that overcast a shadow on his winning performance.

Fortunately, this match was officiated by veteran referee, Herb Dean, who instinctively used a half-nelson hold to neutralize the disobedient Aorigele. If it wasn’t for the experienced Herb Dean, who knows what could have happened to the downed fighter, Jae Hun Kim. This is a safety issue, and hopefully, something is done to prevent fighters from misbehaving in the cage in the future.

Korean MMA Fans, be sure to watch the fight video below to see what happened at ROAD FC 027 on December 26th. What are your thoughts about what happened?

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