ROAD FC 027 China Pre-Fight Interview with Jae Hun Kim | 로드FC 027 김재훈 인터뷰

Korean MMA Fans, be sure to watch this cool interview with Korean heavyweight fighter, Jae Hun Kim (김재훈)! This interview video really takes us into his past and discusses the path he took to be able to fight at ROAD FC’s China debut next weekend. After losing his ROAD FC debut last year, Kim has been training hard to improve his MMA game. He also opens up about his past as a Yakuza member in Japan, and how the TV show, ‘Crying Fist’ (주먹이운다) gave him an opportunity to choose a different life. He promises to show the fans his improved standup technique and he says he is confident in getting the win. Becoming a champion is his goal and he is ready to show everyone that one punch is all he needs!

Also check out what happened at the ROAD FC 027 China press conference here!

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