Sexyama Shows Off His Judo

yoshihiro akiyama sung hoon choo sexyama
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His Japanese name is Yoshihiro Akiyama. His Korean name is Sung Hoon Choo (추성훈). His name given by MMA fans around the world is Sexyama. This man has got it all. From handsome looks to a chiseled physique, but don’t be fooled. His muscles aren’t just for show, they’re functional for his world-class judo and fighting tenacity.

Check out Sexyama’s judo against foe Amir Sadollah in the gif below:

sexyama sung hoon choo yoshihiro akiyama judo ufc

Woo! That’s just a sick takedown! Korean MMA Fans, are you ready for Sexyama to fight in Seoul, South Korea?!

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