UFC Seoul: Sung Hoon Choo (Yoshihiro Akiyama) vs Alberto Mina Fight Video (Crowd View) | UFC서울 추성훈 vs 알베르토 미나 영상

Korean MMA Fans, check out the videos below to watch the UFC Seoul fight between Sung Hoon Choo (Yoshihiro Akiyama) and Alberto Mina! Just listen to the crowd chant for the Korean-Japanese fighter. Although Choo lost via split decision, the 40 year old MMA veteran stayed tough and even showed a new weapon in his arsenal; the leg kick.

The judoka used leg kicks to great effect evidenced by the extensive bruising on the opponent’s left thigh. The Sexyama’s kicks proved to be a good investment by the third and final round as Mina struggled to stay standing. Regardless of the end decision, both fighters put on a great fight for the audience. As fans, we can only hope that the man known as ‘Sexyama’ will grace us with his presence inside the Octagon once again! 추성훈 화이팅!

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