UFC Seoul Update: Hyun Gyu Lim Out, Dong Hyun Kim 2 In

Korean MMA Fans, one man’s loss is another man’s opportunity. The ‘Ace’ Hyun Gyu Lim (임현규) is forced to withdraw from his UFC Seoul fight against Dominique Steele due to an ankle injury. The information was posted on the Facebook page of Korean Top Team. It looks like the UFC has already found a replacement though. His name is familiar, Dong Hyun Kim (김동현). However, he is not the ‘Stun Gun’ but another fighter out of Korea making his Octagon debut. We will refer to him as Dong Hyun Kim 2 for the sake of lessening confusion. He also fights out of Busan Team MAD, but generally fights at the 155-pound lightweight division, although it looks like he will be bumping up for a welterweight match at UFC Fight Night 79. With a 13 – 6 – 3 record, Dong Hyun Kim 2 is gifted an opportunity to fight in the big leagues on short notice. Hopefully, he will be ready to test the waters on November 28th on MMA’s biggest stage! And of course, we wish Hyun Gyu Lim a speedy recovery.

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