Was Yui Chul Nam Released From The UFC Too Quickly?

Korean MMA Fans, according to a recent article on Sherdog, it appears that the UFC has released featherweight fighter, Yui Chul Nam, from its roster. His brief stint inside the Octagon resulted in a disappointing record of 1 win and 2 losses. However, I will make the argument that the decision to cut him was simply unfair.

First off, Yui Chul Nam, also called the ‘Korean Bulldozer’, is a fighter that lives up to the nickname. This is evidenced by his fighting style that is always aggressive and always moving forward from start to finish. He always fights his heart out and what about his awesomely intense staredowns?!

In his UFC debut, he fought the durable, Kazuki Tokudome and it was a three round slugfest with a gallery of punches and knockdowns on full display. After winning his debut fight via split decision, Nam earned a Fight of the Night bonus for his action-packed performance. Check out the gifs below to see what I mean.




Also, do not be deceived by his UFC record. Let’s remember that in his second fight he fought Phillipe Nover and lost by a controversial split decision. At the time, many even expressed the decision a robbery. Immediately after the fight, even president Dana White tweeted “Yui Chul Nam won that fight.”

And even in his last fight against Mike De La Torre at UFC Seoul, Nam fought a hard fight and lost via split decision in a close match. In his UFC career, Nam has only lost by close or controversial split decisions. No fighter came close to finishing Nam inside the Octagon. He is a tough fight for anyone and always exciting to watch.

I really hope the UFC gives him another chance. Yui Chul Nam is a true warrior and deserves to fight the best.

Korean MMA Fans, what do you think about the decision to release ‘The Korean Bulldozer’?

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