Yui Chul Nam Staredown

Yui Chul Nam Staredown

Yui Chul Nam (남의철), the Korean Bulldozer, brings a lot of intensity into his fights. He’s got mean staredowns and his fighting style is even more in-your-face. The gif above captures just a glimpse of his ferocity. Doesn’t this weigh-in staredown get you fired up?!

The mixed martial arts cage is where you’ll get to witness this Korean beast in his natural state. Always pressing forward, Yui Chul Nam is a fighter inside and out. I watched his fight versus Phillipe Nover earlier this year, only to see him get robbed of a decision victory by the judges. However, this only makes me wonder what kind of vengeance this man is going to bring his next fight!

Korean MMA Fans, who do you think The Korean Bulldozer should fight next?

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