Yui Chul Nam UFC Debut Interview Video | 남의철 UFC 데뷔 인터뷰 영상

Korean MMA Fans, with the recent update on the UFC Fight Night Seoul fight card, we found out that we will be graced with the appearance of ‘The Korean Bulldozer’ Yui Chul Nam (남의철). He will be preparing to take on Mike De La Torre in the UFC’s 145-pound featherweight division. I thought it’d be appropriate to share this interview video of Nam talking about his UFC debut back from 2014.

This video takes a look inside Yui Chul Nam’s approach to fighting. It’s interesting to see him talk about how he takes each fight one fight at a time. He talks about how his UFC debut is a new beginning for him, and how he is a new man with the ultimate goal of becoming a champion. With such a calm and collected demeanor during the interview, it is amazing to watch this man transform into ‘The Korean Bulldozer’ when fight time comes around.

I can’t wait to see this warrior return to the Octagon on Korean ground. After a controversial decision put a loss on his record at his last outing, I’m sure Nam wants to get rid of that bitter taste in his mouth by winning without any judges involved. Korean MMA Fans, get ready for a performance of the night candidate. I predict a TKO finish for Yui Chul Nam, what about you??

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