Introducing Korean MMA Fighter: The “Ace” Hyun Gyu Lim (임현규)

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This guy is huge for the welterweight division. At 6 feet 3 inches tall, I don’t know how he cuts down to 170 pounds, but when he makes weight (with sunglasses and all), you know you’ve got an exciting fight about to happen.

He’s a big man with a big appetite for knockouts. Always stepping forward throwing punches and knees with bad intentions, Hyun Gyu Lim (임현규) has already earned two Fight of the Night bonuses in the UFC. Win, lose, or draw, this South Korean mixed martial arts fighter always has the switch turned on for aggression.

Hyun Gyu Lim has earned my respect as a Korean MMA Fan. Has he earned yours?

Dong Hyun Kim (김동현) Learns English

Funny moment before Korean MMA fighter, Dong Hyun Kim, takes on Nate Diaz.

Check out the UFC 125 Resolutions video below:

Did you get a laugh out of that? Do you have any funny Korean MMA moments?

Bonus moment from the fight:

dong hyun kim vs nate diaz ufc

Korean Zombie’s Flying Knee Takedown

While UFC featherweight, Chan Sung Jung (정찬성), is currently away doing his mandatory military service in South Korea, the mixed martial arts world is definitely missing his presence. Just wanted to share a glimpse of what the Korean Zombie is capable of…

Check out this casual flying knee takedown on the current reigning UFC champion, Jose Aldo:

Chan Sung Jung Korean Zombie MMA UFC

How awesome is this?!

Can’t wait for his comeback.

Highlight: Kim stuns Silva with KO Punch!

Dong Hyun Kim reminding everyone why he is the Stun Gun.

This 2013 performance earned Dong Hyun Kim the Knockout of the Night bonus at UFC Fight Night 29 in Brazil.

Do you remember this moment? What was your reaction?


Becoming a Korean MMA Fan

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Dong Hyun Kim (김동현) vs Jason Tan at UFC 84

This was a special moment. As a Korean-American, it is rare to watch a Korean athlete on TV. Let alone, in the sport of mixed martial arts. But on May 24, 2008, standing in the Octagon, a 26-year old South Korean with an undefeated 9 – 0 record made his UFC debut. His name, Dong Hyun Kim aka the Stun Gun. To many, it may have been just another prelim fight, but for Korean MMA, it was a gateway of hope and new beginnings.

This fight made me a Korean MMA Fan.

Check out the Stun Gun’s UFC debut:

Which fight made you a Korean MMA Fan?