Was Yui Chul Nam Released From The UFC Too Quickly?

Korean MMA Fans, according to a recent article on Sherdog, it appears that the UFC has released featherweight fighter, Yui Chul Nam, from its roster. His brief stint inside the Octagon resulted in a disappointing record of 1 win and 2 losses. However, I will make the argument that the decision to cut him was simply unfair. Continue reading Was Yui Chul Nam Released From The UFC Too Quickly?

UFC Seoul Weigh In: Yui Chul Nam vs Mike de la Torre and Staredown!

Korean MMA Fans, you have to watch this weigh in and staredown between Korea’s Yui Chul Nam (남의철) and opponent Mike de la Torre! The ‘Korean Bulldozer’ always brings the heat! His in your face staredowns are just a preview for what’s to come when he steps inside the Octagon. Can’t wait for this featherweight clash at UFC Seoul! Will Nam oppose his will with his aggression?? We’ll have to see and find out!

Road to UFC Fight Night Seoul: Yui Chul Nam

Korean MMA Fans, check out this cool video featuring the ‘Korean Bulldozer’ Yui Chul Nam (남의철)! This clip shows the fierce Nam training for his upcoming fight at UFC Seoul this weekend. It also includes an interview with his trainer. Yui Chul Nam is known for his aggressive fighting style and everyone knows his style makes exciting fights! Let’s be sure to cheer him on this Saturday! 남의철선수 화이팅!

UFC Seoul Pre-Fight Interview with ‘Korean Bulldozer’ Yui Chul Nam

Korean MMA Fans, check out this interview video with the ‘Korean Bulldozer’ Yui Chul Nam (남의철)! He plans on countering his opponent’s aggressive style with more aggression. Sounds like a potential fight of the night candidate! Nam has found a home in the UFC’s featherweight division and has big dreams to one day become a champion. It’s always an honor to watch this man fight. Can’t wait for all the action he is going to bring to the Octagon at UFC Seoul this Saturday! 남의철선수 화이팅입니다!

Yui Chul Nam: Fighting Fire with Fire | UFC ® – News

Twelve years into his career as a mixed martial artist, Yui Chul Nam has earned his nickname “The Korean Bulldozer.” That means if opponents are looking for a leisurely, non-taxing three rounds of

Source: Yui Chul Nam: Fighting Fire with Fire | UFC ® – News

Korean MMA Fans, be sure to check out this article from UFC.com on the ‘Korean Bulldozer’ Yui Chul Nam (남의철)! As always, Nam is looking to fight an aggressive fight, only this time he gets to do it in front of his hometown fans. Be sure to tune in this Saturday November 28th to watch his fight at UFC Seoul!

Yui Chul Nam ‘Korean Bulldozer’ Fights for Korea at UFC Seoul | Interview Video

Korean MMA Fans, check out this new interview video featuring the ‘Korean Bulldozer’ Yui Chul Nam (남의철)! This takes place before his upcoming fight against Mike De La Torre at UFC Fight Night 79 in Seoul, South Korea. Nam definitely earned his nickname with his aggressive forward pressing fighting style. As a fighter representing Korean mixed martial arts, and especially with the UFC’s debut in Korea later this month, the Bulldozer is preparing to put on an exciting fight for the fans. The Taegeukgi or South Korean flag, fits him well. It’s a certainty that fans will be on their feet watching this man fight in the Octagon!

UFC Seoul Promo Video: The ‘Korean Bulldozer’ Yui Chul Nam | 남의철 UFC서울 프로모 영상

Korean MMA Fans, here’s the UFC Seoul promo video for the ‘Korean Bulldozer’ Yui Chul Nam (남의철)! This man truly embodies the fighting spirit with an always-move-forward-style. As a former ROAD FC champion, he hasn’t missed a step since stepping into the Octagon in 2014. In his UFC debut against Kazuki Tokudome, Nam displayed his nonstop aggressive fighting style in front of the fans and earned Fight of the Night honors. Since then he found himself on the wrong end of a controversial decision against Phillipe Nover. Surely the ‘Korean Bulldozer’ is going to be even more motivated to get back on the winning side! Can’t wait for him to weigh in and get the fans excited with his tenacious staredown! 남의철선수 화이팅!

If you want to get pumped up for his next fight, check out the Yui Chul Nam Staredown!

Yui Chul Nam UFC Debut Interview Video | 남의철 UFC 데뷔 인터뷰 영상

Korean MMA Fans, with the recent update on the UFC Fight Night Seoul fight card, we found out that we will be graced with the appearance of ‘The Korean Bulldozer’ Yui Chul Nam (남의철). He will be preparing to take on Mike De La Torre in the UFC’s 145-pound featherweight division. I thought it’d be appropriate to share this interview video of Nam talking about his UFC debut back from 2014. Continue reading Yui Chul Nam UFC Debut Interview Video | 남의철 UFC 데뷔 인터뷰 영상

Yui Chul Nam ‘The Korean Bulldozer’ Pre-UFC Highlight Video | 남의철 하이라이트 동영상

Yui Chul Nam (남의철), also known as ‘The Korean Bulldozer’, truly embodies the Korean fighting spirit. He has mean staredowns and backs up the furious look with non-stop pressure fighting. Korean MMA Fans, check out this highlight video of Nam before he became a UFC fighter, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

If you missed his UFC debut win, be sure to look at his handiwork here at Korean Bulldozer Yui Chul Nam Brings The Fight To Kazuki Tokudome!

Korean Bulldozer Yui Chul Nam Brings The Fight To Kazuki Tokudome

Yui Chul Nam vs Kazuki Tokudome Staredown
Photo Credit: www.bloodyelbow.com

Korean UFC fighter, Yui Chul Nam (남의철), always brings a warrior spirit into the Octagon. From intense, in-your-face staredowns, this man knows how to bite down on his mouthguard and throw punches with bad intentions. His toughness is obvious in the cage as he likes to charge forward with an array of punches. Take in some of the Korean Bulldozer’s handiwork in his UFC debut fight against Kazuki Tokudome:




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